Meet Our Ambassadors

WildCare’s Education Ambassadors are non-releasable permanent resident animals who have the important job of teaching the public about the importance of conservation and respect for wildlife.

Felix: American Kestrel

Banshee: American Barn Owl

River: Wood Duck

Pippin: Peregrine Falcon

Kaos: Harris's Hawk

Alastor: American Crow

Loki: Red Fox (grey morph)

Vincent: Silver-haired Bat

Juniper: Striped Skunk

Linus & Lucy: Southern Flying Squirrels

Sullivan "Sully": African Spurred Tortoise - Sulcata

Yindi: Woma Python

Monaco: Eastern Box Turtle

Jasper: Corn Snake

Clementine: Eastern Box Turtle

Tortuga: Eastern Box Turtle

Remembering our Former Ambassadors

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