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It seems we rarely have time to appreciate our wild neighbors, but when we do we are full of wonder. Taking the time to teach our children, teens, and adults about the world around them; and the value of each and every living creature is difficult in our world of technology and fast paced life.

Wildcare, Inc.’s education outreach programs have a mission to educate the public about these fascinating, beautiful, and sometimes elusive creatures. Our programs teach people to respect wildlife instead of hating it, to understand instead of fear, and to see the value in each of the wild neighbors around us.

We offer a variety of science curriculum and enrichment programs for all ages. We work in both public and private settings and will come to you or offer programs at the center. Our Wildlife Outreach program fees help to support the care and housing of both our wildlife ambassadors as well as our wildlife rehabilitation facility. Each year, Wildcare, Inc. treats over 1,500 injured and orphaned wildlife patients and the numbers keep rising.

WildCare Inc. pairs science, education, conservation and fun in our programs. Our audiences can get an up close look at some of Indiana’s native animal, and even hands on with some of our non-native and domestic species.

We offer programs in classrooms, assemblies, at state parks, fairs, and for more personal events like birthday parties. With the addition of our new Wildroom, we are able to offer both on and off site programming. We now offer fieldtrips to our center, where you can meet our ambassadors, dissect owl pellets, and participate in many other programs.

Have a child’s birthday party coming up? Looking for something new and exciting? How about live animals! Wildcare, Inc. will bring a variety of ambassadors based on your child’s interests. Get a photo with the ambassador of their choice and play games while learning about their new wild friends.

  • Classrooms
  • Fieldtrips
  • Scouts
  • Camps
  • Assemblies
  • State parks
  • Birthday Parties
  • and more…
We can tailor a program to fit your needs. Call us today to schedule your upcoming event or classroom presentation. Contact us for more information on programs and prices: 812-323-1313 or


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