About Us


WildCare Inc. was incorporated in the spring of 2001 to provide not only professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife so they may be returned to the wild, but also education outreach programs focusing on the value of sharing the planet with our wild neighbors.


We have taken in over 22,000 animals since we incorporated in 2001. Roughly half our intakes are wild birds and reptiles and half are wild mammals.

Found an Animal? 

WildCare Inc. does not accept adult deer.

While we offer advice, we do not remove nuisance wildlife.

Orphans: Many baby animals are not really orphaned, such as fawns or baby rabbits found during daylight hours. Put your pets in the house and do not handle. Do NOT feed this animal anything, especially cow’s milk.

Injured or Sick wildlife: If you are concerned that disease may be involved, or if the animal is aggressive DO NOT attempt to capture or handle the animal in any way. Put your pets in the house. Keep children at a distance. Do NOT feed this animal anything. Immediately call a wildlife rehabilitator or your local Animal Care and Control to report the sick or injured animal and to receive further instructions.

If you are able to get the animal into custody without injuring it or yourself, place it in any appropriate container lined with T-shirt material (no terry cloth) and air holes for ventilation. Be aware that many mammals can chew threw cardboard boxes and small mammals and birds can easily escape through small openings. Call a rehabilitator for further advice.


Our Team Leaders are volunteers who have full-time jobs outside of WildCare and who take phone calls from the public 7 days a week, year round from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Volunteers triage these phone calls and work under Team Leader direction. WildCare is governed by a Board of Directors composed of community members and rehabilitators.

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