Providing professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife in Indiana.

Found an Animal? What to do now...

WildCare Inc. does not accept adult deer, adult raccoons, or adult coyotes and while we offer advice, we do not remove nuisance wildlife.

Orphaned? Many baby animals are not really orphaned, such as fawns or baby rabbits found during daylight hours. Put your pets in the house and do not handle. Do NOT feed this animal anything, especially cow's milk.

Not orphaned? When you are worried it might have rabies, or that it will hurt you, it is often possible to place an empty laundry basket over the animal. A weight on top of the overturned basket, such as a brick, will keep it in place. Put your pets in the house. Keep children at a distance. Do NOT feed this animal anything.

If you are able to get the animal into custody without injuring it, place it in any appropriate box lined with T-shirt material (no terry cloth) and air holes for ventilation. Call a rehabilitator for advice.

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Upcoming Events

Butler Vineyard (click to see flyer)

An Evening of Wine and Wildlife

Saturday June 27th from 6pm to 9pm

A variety of animal encounters for the whole family

  • Adults $15 (includes wine tasting & appetizers)
  • Child $10 first child, $5 additional child (includes kid friendly appetizers)
  • Proceeds to benefit WildCare Inc

    About WildCare Inc.

    We have taken in over 16,000 animals since we were incorporated in 2001. Roughly half our intakes are wild birds and reptiles and half, wild mammals.

    We receive no state or federal tax monies; we rely on our community support. See our about us page for more information.

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