WilCare, Inc.’s Internship Program


    • Build your resume
    • Learn new skills
    • Interact with wildlife
    • Meet new people
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WildCare Wildlife Interns receive hands-on training with birds, mammals, and reptiles from licensed team leaders.

Summer Wildlife Interns

  • 20 hours per week
  • Unpaid
  • May through August
  • Earn college internship credits
Winter Wildlife Interns

  • 10 hours per week
  • Unpaid
  • September through December and/or January through April
  • Earn college internship credits
Administrative Interns

  • Flexible hours
  • Unpaid
  • Year round
  • Earn college internship credits

Intern Testimonials

“I did everything from helping Bob remove a hook from a 17lb snapping turtle and cleaning hundreds of maggot eggs from a baby turtle to flushing open wounds of a degloved cat-caught bunny and getting a bird’s head safely unstuck from a birdfeeder.”

“The teamwork at WildCare is amazing to watch and be part of. I think that kind of dedication and heart needs to exist more in other organizations.”

“I was surprised to receive phone calls from people living north of Indy willing to drive over 200 miles just so an animal could receive treatment and care.”

“I learned a lot in this job about animals and myself. I learned it is possible to work, for free at that, and enjoy every moment of it. I learned how to handle the public when they called in for advice.”

“The most challenging aspect of this Internship is knowing that some of the animals that come through the door may not survive. As sad as it is, I learned that euthanasia can be the most humane thing you can do when an animal is suffering.”

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