Sponsor a Room


Nutrition Center . . . $2,000

WildCare’s Nutrition Center is a hub of activity during baby season May to August. Meals are prepared in huge quantities and kept in freezers for the fast-growing mammals. These diets are scientifically tested by national organizations for each species. A variety of seeds and nuts must also be kept for the birds.


Education Room . . . . . $4,000

Our Education Room houses a few of our ambassadors and serves as the primary area for educational programs. This room also serves as our reception area when special groups are invited during our off season fundraising events. The room has hand painted walls by our volunteers and is adorned with photos.


Volunteer Area . . . $4,000

WildCare volunteers have their own fridge and snack counter as well as a relaxation area. There is often coffee and a variety of snacks for sale and cold beverages in the fridge. For convenience a microwave and some condiments are also provided. This is also where small committee meetings are held.

Administrative Area $2,000

The administrative area is where our executive volunteer officers keep the business end of WildCare organized. This requires a variety of computing equipment, business software, secure storage, office equipment, and furniture as vital resources for the executive officers.


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