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Avian Prerelease Duplex. . . $3,000

The double entry duplex provides a skylight for each of our wild birds as well as windows on three sides. Roosting boxes and a variety of branches give each of them choices. Shutters and doors provide wind breaks when needed.


Small Owl/Hawk Pre-release Flight Cage. . .$5,000

The flight cage has a zoo mesh top with reinforced cables so birds will not damage their feathers. A double entry inside the wooden slats prevents self release and one end is enclosed for shelter.


Exterior Photo_edited-1

Raptor Track with 160′ Continuous Flyaway. . . $50,000

The best available blueprint we found is a circular design built in Maine that would afford unlimited flight practice with banking for several large birds of prey as they are housed separately in the interior. A central group of 3 roomy cages in this innovative design each has access to a surrounding continuous flyway approximately 160′ in circumference for pre-release flight conditionings. The entire building has a compact footprint of 52′ X 64′.


Waterbird Pre-release. . . $1,000

This pre-release cage can be made into a duplex by slipping a large board in between the two halves. Injured water birds, such as the great blue heron, are much more comfortable outside in a more natural setting while they heal. Juveniles need this transition before they are comfortable in the Flight Cage.


Opossum/Squirrel Pre-release cages. . . $1,000

Five double-entry squirrel cages made of wood and hardware cloth provide over wintering for those squirrels born too late to disperse in the fall. They must be kept warm and fed until the leaves are fully out in the spring to provide safety from predators. For tree squirrels born in the spring, these provide a safe place to negotiate branches and chase their foster brothers and sisters.


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