• All donations are tax deductible.
  • WildCare Inc. receives no federal or state monies.
  • It costs an average of $65 per week to provide care for each animal and give them a second chance.
  • WildCare Inc. is a nonprofit with an annual budget of about $120,000.

There are seven ways to make a monetary donation to WildCare Inc. All donations are tax deductible and certain amounts entitle the donor to additional benefits!

1. Check & Corporate Sponsors

Checks may be mailed or presented to WildCare Inc. for monetary donation. Cash is also accepted during regular business hours in person at the Center.

To make a donation via check, please mail completed Donations Form with donation to: 198 N Hartstrait Rd. Bloomington, IN 47404 812.323.1313

PayPal Verified Seal2. PayPal

Monetary donations are also accepted via PayPal, a secure, online method to support WildCare Inc.! With this method you have the option of recurring, annual, and one time donations.

Click the PayPal Button to go to the PayPal Secure website to donate using your credit card.

Annual memorial gifts may be made at all levels.

3. Shopping

Two methods to support us that don’t cost anything extra are using GoodSearch and Scrips from Great Lakes Scrip Center.

GoodSearchGoodSearch – with this method you can select GoodSearch as your search engine and each search yields a monetary donation to the nonprofit benefactor you chose. You can also make purchases at most web sites and chain stores via GoodSearch to earn WildCare Inc. a larger monetary donation based on your transaction amount! GoodSearch can also be used to support WildCare Inc. when shopping online.

Great Lakes Scrip CenterScrip – if you use gift cards or like to give them as gifts, this option is great way to support WildCare Inc. without any additional costs to you!

Using Scrip cost you no extra money, you purchase a card at face value, the company donates a percentage to WildCare.

ScripNow is an instant “card” that you print out on your computer. It has a bar code on it that the cashier at the store scans. Or, in the case of or iTunes, you can print or just enter the code at those websites, which track your gift card balance!

How to Use Scrip:

  1. Click This Link  to go to the login screen
  2. Login or register with a username and password
  3.  Once registered, name WildCare Inc. your benefactor by using the WildCare enrollment code.  To get code please contact WildCare by emailing at or calling 812.323.1313
  4. Now a percentage of your order will go to WildCare!
WildCare Inc. Sponsor a Room4. Sponsor a Room

Sponsor the Nutrition Center, Library, Volunteer Area, or Administrative Area to help WildCare Inc. care for and rehabilitate the many hundreds of animals that are presented each season for care. It costs an average of $65 per animal to give them a second chance.

5. Pay for a Cage

WildCare Inc. Sponsor a CageSupport WildCare Inc. by paying for a pre-release cage. Pre-release cages play an important role in rehabilitating wild animals and are available for sponsoring from $1,000 up to $50,000! Pre-release cages provide a real world environment for the animal to train and ‘wild up’. These cages are used for nearly all patients WildCare Inc. takes in including raptors, song birds, water fowl, and mammals.

6. Leave a LegacyWildCare Inc. Legacy

Put your name on the WildCare Inc. center! Leave a legacy with your name on the WildCare Inc. Center. Completed in 2003, the Center boasts over 6,000 square feet of space that includes areas for intakes, triage, a library, center manager, administration, nutrition center, avian, mammal, education, raptors, reptiles, and our ambassadors!


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