There are a variety of ways to support us to provide care to our patients.


Adopt an ambassador animal and support WildCare Inc.’s efforts at giving Indiana wild life a second chance. There are a variety of choices from mammals and reptiles including raptors, foxes, rabbits, and snakes!


There are six ways to make a monetary donation to WildCare Inc. All donations are tax deductible and certain amounts entitle the donor to additional benefits!

  1. Check & Corporate Sponsors
  2. PayPal
  3. Shopping
  4. Sponsor a Room
  5. Pay for a Cage
  6. Leave a Legacy


WildCare Inc. offers summer, winter, and administrative internships. Building valuable skill sets, interning provides real world experience and internship credits for both Indiana University and IvyTech students. Interns receive hands-on training with birds, mammals, and reptiles from licensed team leaders.


WildCare Inc. is staffed by volunteers and unpaid interns. Volunteers are vital to the success of animal rehabilitation and the sustainability of the center. The center is also governed by volunteer Board of Directors members.

  • Wildlife Volunteer
  • Center Volunteer
  • Board of Directors Membership

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